El Paso Animal Urgent Care West

May 2, 2022

El Paso Animal Urgent Care West

Valley Veterinary Care is happy to announce the opening of El Paso Animal Urgent Care West.  This hospital provides services for pets with non-life-threatening conditions but seeking urgent medical attention. The goal is to provide fast relief for minor injuries and illnesses for dogs and cats. This clinic is the bridge between a daytime family veterinarian and the 24-Hour El Paso Animal Emergency.

El Paso Animal Urgent Care West is a walk-in only hospital where the clients and pets can wait in the comfort and enjoy the coffee bar, water station and TV while waiting to see one of the highly trained veterinarians. This Urgent Care is designed for a peaceful experience for pet, as they know pet illness can be quite stressful.  The hours of operation are 11am-7pm, seven days a week. 


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