Humane Society Award

February 16, 2022

Humane Society Award

Dr. Tony Vindell, from Broder Animal Hospital, was the 2022 recipient for the Inaugural Dr. Tom Moseley Pinnacle Award, which celebrates exceptional leadership and compassion on behalf of the Humane Society of Harlingen. 

The Harlingen Humane Society Humane Society of Harlingen (HSH) is a non-profit 501(c)3 animal shelter and adoption center serving the City of Harlingen and the greater Harlingen area. They provide homeless animals with shelter and care while working to find them new homes. HSH serves more than 6,000 animals each year, brought in by municipal animal control officers and surrendered by local residents.  Their mission is: "Humane Society of Harlingen will provide shelter and care for homeless cats and dogs for the purpose of finding them suitable and permanent new homes while promoting the importance of spay/neuter and thoughtful, healthy relationships between people and their pets." Border Animal Hospital is honored for the opportunity to work with the HSH and proud of Dr. Vindell for the honor.

 From left to right, Dr. James Sanchez, Dr. Tony Vindell, Dr. Chandani Bhakta, Wes Godwin, CEO Valley Veterinary Care



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