Wesley Godwin

Wesley Godwin

Wesley Godwin, Chief Executive Officer

Wesley Godwin is a veteran of the pet industry, but his experience with animal care begins long before that. Growing up in a ranch in Texas with a veterinarian father, he watched the passion and devotion his father brought to all aspects of veterinary care. This inspired Wesley to dedicate his life to the same pursuit: providing the pinnacle of care for all pets.

After Graduating from Texas A&M, Wesley gained valuable experience with pharmaceutical giants Novartis and Elanco. Before starting Valley Pet Care in January of 2017, Wesley led Mergers and Acquisitions for Peak Pet Care and Best Friends Pet Care.

​​​​​​​When he’s not caring for pets, Wesley enjoys spending time with his wife and three children outdoors on their beautiful ranch—and loves playing with his new yellow lab puppy, Jack.

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